How To Build Quality Backlinks in 2021

How to build quality backlinks in 2021


Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.


Backlinks don’t only link one page to the other pages or websites, but they bring the right traffic to your website and increase your domain authority. If your content is relevant, then your website can be more discoverable and at a higher ranking.

Backlinks can act as the vote of confidence for the search engines to display your website as the top search result. The presence of links plays a critical role, and with the right optimization of the links and content, you can get ahead of your competition smoothly.

Here is how to build quality backlinks easily:

1. Blog Comments:

Not getting enough traffic on your website? Try blog commenting to create backlinks and get domain and page authority from search engines. By commenting on different blogs that are relevant to your content, you can attract people’s attention who are suited to the type of audience you need.

This helps you create a brand image for your business and helps you gain connections with people who are in the same field of work. You can build relationships with them that’ll ultimately help you in the future.

And guess what? This might take some time, but it’s possible.

By commenting quality backlinks on the blogs, you can target a niche of potential users who are interested in your content. All you need to do is find the relevant blog posts to drop the link to your website. Commenting on blogs can play a significant role in engaging with the right audience and helps your website get noticed. You need to use this tool strategically so that you give a boost to your SEO campaigns. Make relations, create brand recognition, and grow your traffic by building backlinks that are relevant and useful.

2. Register on Online Directories:

Online directories or business directories are also one of the ways to build backlinks and draw a potential audience to your website. These directories help people search for you with filters like your location or category of your business. The directory’s basic purpose is to help in reducing the irrelevant marketing noise and reaching the target prospect.

People trust online directories, so registering yourself in them can help you build credibility among your audiences.

By getting your backlinks on a directory that itself ranks high increases your chances of high visibility and reach.

You need to find the right directory that brings the required traffic to your website. List your company with the relevance of your business so that people have in searching you.

But you should know that some of these directories are free while others are paid. You can use any of them according to the authenticity one provides for your business.

But don’t hold yourself back from investing in the high-authority links as they can guarantee you a high ROI.

You need to know how to get your backlinks on the directory and select one of your choices.

You can also select a directory based on the types of features you want from it. You can get yourself registered in a simple listing or in a listing that includes pictures, ratings, and reviews.

But that’s not it, there’s one more thing you need to take care of.

That is, being consistent. You need to keep the information updated in the directory and all the information should be consistent.

Staying consistent with your business information increases the credibility of your business which goes a long way. That’s a crucial yet the easiest way of being relevant and authentic to your potential audience.

3. Become a source for Bloggers and Reporters (HARO):

One of the backlinks hacks is to use a free service Help a Reporter Out.

The process of getting the right traffic and appear as the top search result can be painfully slow. But once you get your backlinks on the authority websites, you can increase your traffic exponentially.

If you know how to get your backlinks on HARO, then you can connect with the people who need links and exposure.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the platform because we’ve got you!

 HARO is a platform where journalists and reporters put a request to get the sources for their stories or news.

When you join the platform, you receive three emails as a source each day from Monday to Friday. If a source sees an email for which it qualifies and has related content, the source responds to the email with a pitch.

If your pitch is accepted by the journalist, you’ll be connected with the writing process to provide insights for the articles.

Consequently, your source gets mentioned in the article along with the link to your website.

Get to HARO now, and create a source account to get your backlinks on the articles. Also, don’t forget to abide by the rules of the platform.

Once you’ve created the account and acknowledged the rules, choose a subscription plan for yourself and get started with searching and pitching.

4. Write Content that can be linked:

Coming back to the basic but most important part of building the backlinks, the content.  You need to have authentic, credible, and relevant content to even get started with attracting traffic to your website.

One best way is to write content that can be sourced, as we’ve seen sites gaining a reputation of being authentic over time due to the credibility of their data. The unsourced data or blogs won’t work anymore because people need stats to rely on.

The advertising legend David Ogilvy once said, “when you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents of your dollar’’, which only emphasizes the point that headlines play a crucial role in catching the eye of the readers.

Make your content unique and actionable, otherwise, there’s no point in creating it. Over 75% of the articles are unseen because they get zero links.
You can insert your opinion or some new data to make your content unique or make it actionable to attract attention. There should be something for the readers in it that they can implement on.

Simply put, why would someone read a thousand words if they can’t yield anything from it?

Mentioning the number of words, don’t write a blog less than 2000 words if you want to be ranked high by Google. You can also play with different SEO tools if your content is in long-form.

The shareability and on-screen increase as you write more words. The more details and viewpoints you provide to the reader the more links you’ll get back.

You can make your content evergreen, which lives forever. People’s relativity to your content won’t be for the time being, but it’ll last longer and remain linkable.

In essence, you can invest in your content without any regrets later. Use original visuals to make it catching with the write-up that’s useful and unique. This is what will help you building the backlinks and get the potential audience to your website.

5: Find Broken Links and Pitch:

Broken link building is a process of replacing the links to 404 pages with the links to the target websites.  When you outreach for broken link building, you’re offering some help before asking for something.

You can start by looking for broken links from Check My Links and get a chrome extension for free. By clicking on this extension, you’ll get all the broken links for the page you’re on.

You need to find pages with the most number of external links because the more links a page has, the more it’s probable for the page to have a broken link.

How to get pages with more links? Just search Resource Pages on Google. These pages get you useful resources on a topic and are likely to have a lot of links.

Another way can be, search for websites that have changed their names in a particular industry that are usually linked. Even they have stopped updating their sites or changed the URL, you can send outreach emails to the people who are linking back to these links.

If you search and find these broken links, immediately send the author an email to update them about his broken link. After updating him, you ask them to use your link on their website.

These emails are different from requesting as you’re also providing a solution. You need to provide people value so that they don’t ignore your outreach emails as spam. So how do send an outreach email that will be returned?

Well, here’s how you’re going to do it. Start by creating a list of people that you want to target and are relevant to your business. Also, try to send emails to people directly and not on their company info emails.

Make your template for sending the emails and use them to target all your prospects. Personalize your emails by using the name of the receiver and reference the issue you saw in their content in a way that they know that you’re helping them.

Clarity and conciseness are the foundations for all the emails, don’t drag your emails.  Keep the important elements of the email on the top and don’t leave out any detail vague.
Furthermore, use content formats that have been proven to generate the links. The format is an integral part because around 75% of the content gets zero links.

6: Use Proven Content Formats:

Are you still confused about how to build backlinks to drive relevant traffic? It’s alright because here’s another way of getting yourself on top of the search result.

As we have already discussed that around 75% of the content doesn’t get links, so now the question arises that what kind of content gets the links after all?

Over time, the contents that have outperformed the others followed a similar pattern. The format includes “why” and “how-to” posts including the quizzes that encourage the interest of the audiences.

Furthermore, you can add infographics, videos, and images to make your content look amazing. Visual flair helps you get the attention of the people as they tend to remember the visual information longer than the written text.

It’s not necessary to add all these elements together, but you need to make sure that your content isn’t missing out on the details. In essence, you’ll get the backlinks only if people can relate or make use out of them.

Another feature that has helped the content outperforming is the list post. These posts get a high number of links to the website because they provide accumulated information under one platform.

If you make content by adding these elements, then your post can get a great kickstart in the ocean of blogs and websites that are your competition in the digital world.

7: Publish Detailed Guides:

Your website can publish ultimate guides about a certain topic to draw people’s attention. These detailed guides attract backlinks like a magnet and last longer.

Detailed guides have very long content and according to the SEO ranking factor studies, longer content rank higher on Google than the shorter one. If your guide provides complete information on a topic, then people will always link back to your content whenever they’ll be writing about it.
To get started with writing a guide, first, choose a topic that interests people and will be useful to them. Then divide your main topic into sub-topics that go back to your main topic, this division of content will help your readers to understand your content better.

Now, start writing your guide strategically. Even though it’s a long-form of content, but it shouldn’t contain anything off-topic.

Add everything you feel is important because don’t forget that you’re writing a guide. It’s supposed to be detailed and informative.

This is one of the ways to build backlinks that won’t go in vain. Don’t hold yourself back from writing a guide, because don’t forget that it’s a long-term investment.

8: Get Brand Mentions:

Brand mentions act as a shout-out to your business and help you reach out to more people. You can be mentioned in a blog post by an author for a new product or service that you’re offering.

This means, if you offer something new in the market, people will talk about it. By getting the brand mentions, you can create a buzz in the market about your brand. People will also start sharing your brand and as a result, you will also get backlinks.

Google gives a lot of value backlinks as brand mentions that can provide your site with authority and trust.

This is why you either have to get your site mentioned or fix an unlinked site that links back to your page.

This how you can use your backlinks to be visible to your audience. Creating backlinks within your community or field can be crucial initially, but it returns you with increased response.

This is high time to get credit for your valuable content and don’t be in the 75% of the unfound content.

9: Pitch your Content On Guest Posting sites:

This can be another backlink hack to do guest blogging and increase the reach of your content by targeting the audience of another site. Guest posting can also help you in finding a new niche for your business or service.

But first thing’s first, be wary of your objective for guest posting. Don’t miss out on the target, otherwise, you might not get your desired result.

But how is guest posting done? Start by finding the opportunities to guest post on the sites that are related to your industry. By doing this, you’ll ultimately be targeting the people who are interested in your business.
You search on Google with the keywords like “guest post” or “submit a guest post”, you can surely find an opportunity to publish one. Write a blog that’s actionable and helpful to the readers and engage with them in the comment section.

You can also search for the famous and consistent bloggers of your industry and get to know where they post. Those are the platforms you need to target to publish your blogs and make an introduction so that the readers acknowledge you as a new entrant.

You can also look for your competitor’s backlink through a tool like Open Site Explorer that will show the sites they’ve written for. Guest blogs are also posted on social media so you can also use the keywords to search for guest pots on social media platforms too.

Get to know people through their content and notice what they’re talking about. Check if there’s any particular format that the most famous blogs have and make a conclusive observation.

Send a personalized email to the author of the site by introducing yourself and telling them that why you should be a guest blogger.

Lastly, once you get the opportunity, don’t forget to track your results and be responsive in the comment section. Link your guest blog back to your website so that people can reach you easily.

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