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Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing? Companies spend hundreds of thousands on marketing by putting their trust in the marketing team and strategies that may or may not work. It’s sometimes difficult to measure the ROI generated through marketing alone to control the expenditure. However, with recent developments, this can be controlled to an extent. Performance Marketing has reversed this system, meaning, the companies are only supposed to pay the publishers or affiliates when the result is produced.

It’s a performance-based era of doing things so why not marketing? It helps companies to acquire new customers, expand their markets, and earn a high ROI. Whether the ad runs on a website, app, or any other platform, you’re supposed to pay us when the results are met. 

As of 2019, mobile devices, excluding tablets, generated about half of all website traffic globally. 

In the age where the customers are in front of their screens almost all the time, we as a marketing agency are always looking out for novel ways to grab the attention of the people. And until they don’t, there’s no need to pay us. This particular type of marketing opens up channels for you that you can’t find an equivalent anywhere else.

If you’re still confused about how this works then give us a call or message, let’s figure out Performance Marketing for your business together. 

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Why Does Your Company Need Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing includes a search engine, social media, sponsored content, and native advertising techniques that help your brand to use all the interactive platforms. To increase brand awareness and the traffic on your website or app, this is the form of marketing that you require. Performance marketing is growing immensely - almost ahead of display and email marketing. Seeing this growth most companies and agencies have opted for this to get the benefit and promote the business in the marketing space offered by this structure. 

If you’re ready to adapt to this ever-growing trend, then you can spare yourself more time and money to invest in other areas of the business. Gone are those days when you couldn’t estimate the exact ROI generated by the marketing. It is also our chance to be creative and at our feet because everything is more transparent. Performance is the only way forward for you and us.

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ViralAd offers its clients the best KPI Performance Marketing experience because innovation is not a threat to a marketing agency like ours. We as a team have always believed in creating something out of the box and we keep changing our methods so that we stay relevant in our own business. By working with publishers or affiliate management companies you get a chance to extend your brand’s authority which can get you a reach that you might not get by staying in the traditional marketing channels. 

No matter if you just found out about KPI performance marketing, you can still begin because there’s a lot of room to grow and improve. From now, you can be confident that your budget is spent only on successful campaigns while we use the analytic and tracking tools to make sure that our strategy is working in real terms. To understand further how this works, why don’t you give us a call or text? Let’s build a strategy that works for you and gives us a chance to explore our ideas.


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It’s pretty much like the other social media marketing strategies. We need to define a channel, a campaign goal, optimize a campaign, and launch it. However, there are different tools to do each one of them that assure quality. 

Before Performance Marketing, there used to be only budgets that went into marketing without knowing the exact results it generated. Performance marketing helps you in tracking and attribution, which gives companies much more control over their budget and ROI through advertising.

Not at all. Performance Marketing is something that marketers and companies are switching to because of its effectiveness. There’s enough space for you to get the advantages that this marketing has to offer. But get started already now that you know of it. 

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