Why Do Startups Need SEO in 2021?

Clearly starting a new venture is never easy and requires tremendous effort to overcome the difficulties and actually reach your goals but you know what’s one thing all startups can swear by? Search Engine optimization!

There’s no cheat sheet for reaching success but trust me, this is the closest you’ll come to it and I bet anyone who’s ever started their own business can agree that startups need to do everything in their power to pull through.

What is SEO?

For those of you wondering what SEO is, let me guide you through it. SEO is “a staple in today’s business”, it is revolutionized digital marketing and has helped put a lot of companies on the map. It is used to ensure that the buzz regarding one’s startup reaches the maximum amount of people. It makes use of search engine sites, keywords, and search triggers to help business owners achieve top ranks.

Given the role this technique plays, it is understandable why it is crucial for startups. Search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo are part of our daily lives and something all consumers rely heavily on; therefore, it is absolutely significant.


1. Cost-Efficient Marketing:

SEO will not drain your budget. Advertising takes up a major chunk of the company’s budget but they still relied on it as a promotion tool to help spread word of mouth and to improve their brand’s top-of-the-mind recall. Digital Marketing though, has completely upped the game and made it much easier for companies to market in a more cost-efficient manner.

And while website optimization also comes at a cost, it is not as massive as advertising expenses. Seems like a smarter budget allocation, doesn’t it?

2. Consumer insight:

SEO helps uncover a lot of significant data that gives a peek into consumer insights. It helps startups understand what the consumers are looking for based on the search engine optimization research that the startup does.

A collection of this data can help a startup especially cater to the needs of the customer and make decisions that are informed.

3. Higher and lasting traffic:

SEO becomes a major source of organic traffic that lasts for months or even years once google deems the startup worthy of ranking in the top 10.

While advertising campaigns also bring in traffic, it is relatively more difficult to maintain the incoming traffic as compared to SEO. This enables startups to get greater revenue.

Traffic Report

4. Enhances consumer trust and value:

When a startup secures higher ranks for more keywords, consumers find themselves trusting the brand more because higher ranks ensure greater credibility and authenticity given how Google also favors such websites.

The more a consumer sees your brand whenever they search for the relevant niche, the more they’d start relying on your brand, which in turn will increase their eagerness to connect with the startup. This is extremely crucial for a company that has just been set up and is seeking to develop a consumer trust base.

5. More walk-ins:

Do not think that SEO only benefits online ventures because it heavily contributes to the consumer market for locally run businesses as well. Especially in this digital age, people rely on the internet to decide what they want to do and where they want to go and basically something that impacts the day to day lives of people a lot because “research is an essential component of the buying cycle, and many customers now prefer to do it online”.

I bet a lot of you also search restaurants near you and activities to do near you before heading somewhere and obviously, whichever company ranks the highest and shows up at the top, will attract the most visitors because it is found that around 90% of users will click on the first set of results when running a local search. This would be extremely beneficial to a startup now, wouldn’t it?

6. Wrap Up:

Given the above-mentioned benefits, it only seems like the smartest option for startups to rely on upon without a doubt so I’m assuming the next question you would have is how? How can startups get started with SEO?

Google does not reveal the exact ranking factors it uses so it keeps the company in the dark about which method they should exactly use to secure the highest ranking, however, there are a few ways expressed by SEO experts that can help startups reach their goal. SEO experts claim that everything from a user-friendly interface to social media signals is important for a startup’s SEO success.

Here is the detailed history of Search Engines by Wordstream

Despite the fact that most startups do not have enough resources to invest in the perfect UX or build a social community, it is very easy to move in this direction and even the smallest effort towards it can surely make a difference. It only requires careful planning and proper implementation.

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