What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a model through which you pay search engines to generate clicks on your website instead of acquiring organic clicks. The advertisers are only charged for these ads when they’re clicked, hence called Pay Per Click.

Usually, the most common pay-per-click marketing appears on the pages of search results of search engines like Google, but PPC is beyond that. YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest also display the PPC ads. This format helps the advertisers to showcase their brand on the front by using the right keywords and appeal. ViralAd provides you PPC services to increase your brand’s visibility as a solution to the people. We make your ads that are precise and relevant.

PPC ads can appear as text ads, display ads, or shopping ads depending on the product or service you’re selling. It’s the best way to keep a track of the conversion rate as the performance data of an ad is available to you. Following are ViralAd’s PPC services that help you get the potential business just by displaying these ads on different platforms to the target prospects to turn them into buyers.

Why PPC for your Business?

Quick Experimentation

PPC ads A/B split testing is an integral part of your pay per click advertising campaign. PPC experts create different versions of your PPC ads to validate which campaign to launch and optimize to generate the highest possible conversion rate.

Camping Promotions

Don’t have the budget to implement on-going digital marketing efforts? Pay per click services allow you to launch one-time campaign promotions and run short sales cycles. Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective way to introduce your new products and services to the online marketplace and separate PPC campaigns by priority.

Fast Results

One of the biggest advantages of pay per click advertising services is you can get immediate results upon campaign launch. Once our pay per click advertising company has set up your PPC campaign, you can see the results overnight. However, keep in mind that the first three months typically serve as a testing period. This means to get more favorable results, you need to acquire valuable data and continuously improve your campaign’s overall performance.

Total Customization

Beat the competition with custom, highly-relevant Google pay per click campaigns that resonate with your target audience. PPC gives you access to a wealth of marketing data to optimize your ad performance. Select every aspect of your pay per click campaign from the keywords, audience targeting, placements and even the specific zip codes you want your ads to run in.

We Help You Improve Your Quality Score
and Generate More Online Revenue

At PPC Agency in Karachi, we determine your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) goals, identify your PPC campaign metrics and establish your pay-per-click campaign structure to bring new visitors to your website and reduce your PPC management expenses.

Our pay per click advertising company helps you navigate the technicalities of PPC and effectively integrate it with your SEO and online marketing campaigns. Partner with our pay per click management agency and reap the benefits of cost-effective PPC advertising services.

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