2D Animation

2D or two-dimension animation is one of the most used types of animations for many purposes. From corporate presentations to video marketing, it’s one of the major animations that’s being used. Since the visual content is highly appealing, 2D Animation has an impactful display for the viewers. It doesn’t only help in keeping them engaged, but gets people talking about the content too. 

If you want your professional presentations to be interactive and convincing then 2D animations can be a way forward for you. Storyboards, corporate presentations, or educational material can easily be prepared by using 2D. ViralAd Animation agency in Karachi helps you to make an impression in your professional setting by using the animation according to your requirements. You no longer have to worry about your presentations being boring or superficial because now ViralAd’s creative team gets you the best visuals that satisfy your demands. 

For marketing, 2D Animation is exactly what you need to captivate your audience. Around 85% of people admit that video content makes them feel more connected to the brand. With the decreasing attention span of the present and upcoming generations, brands have to communicate in concise but compelling messages. ViralAd Animation agency understands the market and that’s what our content is about, people. Make your communication better with us and get recognized by your audience.

animation services in Karachi
animation services in Karachi

3D Animation

3 dimension animation is used to give life to the object, character, or prop that has characteristics of its own. With the technology innovation, 3D animation is only getting better. The animators need to stay updated on the changing trends to stay in the field. The same goes for the businesses or corporate fields, they can’t use the same old methods as a medium to communicate.

There are many examples of brands that used 3D animation to target a particular segment of the market and got a lot of attention. Around 97% of marketers agree on the fact that how videos help people get a better understanding of the brand. To create brand identity, people need to know you better. ViralAd’s animators and marketers work together to make share-worthy content that will engagingly communicate your brand.

Television, movies, education, commercials, marketing videos, etc are just some examples of the variety of fields in which 3D animation is growing in popularity. Visual images can be processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than the written text, now it’s up to you what medium to choose to present yourself in a professional or market setting. If you work with ViralAd – Animation Agency in Karachi, you won’t have to worry about staying trendy or relevant. We introduce you to platforms and services that fit your purpose. 

Stop Motion

ViralAd also provides you with stop motion services that are also a form of animated movie or video. This animation is also used to give movement to the objects or characters and it’s done frame by frame. This animation is essentially used in marketing to convey a more organic message to the viewers. It is also more appealing and eye-catching to the people and you can also use it to uniquely present your message in professional or corporate videos. 

Its visual representation is different and unique to the audience which gets amazing results. Marketers have to innovate continuously to keep their engagement high with the audience and animators have been quite inventive with stop motion animation. With the correct use of this animation, you can promote your brand image and escalate the conversion rate.

ViralAd Animation Agency in Karachi incorporates all the innovative tools and strengths of stop motion animation to promote your brand and get people to learn about it. Whether it’s an educational, corporate, or marketing video, our creative teams have you covered. We help you get the most innovative solutions that are customized to your demands.

animation services in Karachi
animation services in Karachi

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics gives movement to the graphic design and we can also call them infographics. This gives life to the written text or images in the design, for example, a bar graph rising to its level or a certain logo rotating around. Motion graphics are not used for storytelling purposes, but they give a visual flair to your viewers in simple texts or images. The use of these motion graphics can show your message more clearly than your audience remembers. These graphics can have letters, objects, or shapes in motion. 

It is particularly used to develop or illustrate an idea that doesn’t need elaboration. The more animated content you will use to engage with your audience, the more they will remember you. However, the animation should be used correctly so that the message isn’t worn out. This is where you need ViralAd as we know what is accepted in the market. Our experts will help you create just the right message for your audience. 

We use the aesthetics that leave an impact on the viewers as 92% of the buyers end up buying after being influenced by the videos. These messages are short and concise that grabs the attention of the viewers and make them explore your brand. ViralAd puts in hard efforts to give you the content that is unique to your requirements and original from your competition. We look forward to sharing ideas with our clients to get successful and lasting results. 

What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

“ViralAd agency specializes in developing brands that stand the test of time no matter what segment they belong to. While cooperating with this company, I was amazed by its innovative approach to digital marketing and how quickly experts adapt to changing conditions.” – Fix The Photo

Kate Gross

Author at Fix The Photo
Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

“We took ViralAd on board as our outsourced digital marketing agency & this was the last time we were taking risk of outsourcing due to past bad experiences. However, they proved their skills of digital as our website experienced a great boom in terms of website traffic & conversions. Thus, highly recommended team!”

Mr. Rehan Tabassum

Managing Director
Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

“Our company have considered them the best digital marketing agency in Karachi as far as our experience is concerned. Their team knows their job & is really contributing to suggesting creative & practical solutions. Whether it is social media or SEO they have helped our business in any way.”

Mr. Atif

Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

“Best website development company I’ve worked uptill now. They were always there responding to our queries. They created my real estate company’s website exactly as I wanted.”

Mr. Kevin

Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

ViralAd has been one of our best choices when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency. They have helped us increasing relevant traffic to our website exponentially. Hence, highly recommended.

Mr. Zamzam

Client Testimonials - ViralAd best digital marketing agency in Karachi

We got our e-commerce website developed from ViralAd & one thing
I can assure you is they will never leave you hanging or disappointed. In short, you won’t hear a no from their side. Highly recommended agency!

Mr. Ali Zain



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